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Using SolarAnywhere Data

SolarAnywhere® irradiance and weather data is a powerful tool for helping drive the success of your solar initiatives. Follow these guides to get started quickly, and learn how to effectively access and utilize the SolarAnywhere satellite-based irradiance dataset.

Register for an Account

To leverage the full range of features and benefits offered with SolarAnywhere Data, the first step is to register for an account. Registration is a straightforward process, requiring some basic information such as your name, email address, company, industry and password. Once your account is created and your email is confirmed, you’ll be ready to log in and start exploring the capabilities of SolarAnywhere.

Purchase SolarAnywhere

When you’re ready to purchase SolarAnywhere, Clean Power Research offers a variety of license types designed to meet your diverse needs. The pricing page includes a comprehensive breakdown of the available plans, along with detailed information about their features, coverage areas and pricing structures. Depending on the plan that aligns best with your requirements, you can purchase directly online or by contacting the SolarAnywhere sales team.

Download SolarAnywhere Data

One of the key advantages of SolarAnywhere is the ability to download solar irradiance data for assessing your PV projects at any time. Log in to your SolarAnywhere account to specify a location and access irradiance and weather data. Depending on your license type, you’ll find a wide range of data types available, such as Typical Year (TMY), Times Series or Probability of Exceedance (PXX) files. You can also designate various datasets to include, such as GHI/DNI, temperature, wind speed, particulate matter, average soiling losses, etc. In addition to direct downloads, data can be delivered via the SolarAnywhere API, or scheduled email or SFTP delivery.

SolarAnywhere API

For developers and users looking to integrate accurate, bankable solar data into their own applications or systems, SolarAnywhere offers a powerful solar API (Application Programming Interface). The SolarAnywhere API allows you to programmatically access and retrieve SolarAnywhere data, enabling seamless integration into your PV workflows. With a variety of endpoints and request options available, you can retrieve irradiance and weather data, solar forecast data, or solar power simulations at any time. Use of the SolarAnywhere API is included with purchase of any Sites license or Typical Year Unlimited license.

Account Management

SolarAnywhere provides a user-friendly account management system that allows you to customize and manage your account users with ease. SolarAnywhere offers the option to add multiple users and roles, allowing for collaboration within teams or organizations. This feature ensures that only authorized individuals have access to the correct permissions.