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Historical Data

SolarAnywhere® historical data services offer a comprehensive and dependable resource for professionals in the solar industry. With broad geographic coverage and a data record spanning more than 20 years, the SolarAnywhere satellite-derived solar dataset encompasses a variety of data types, including typical year (TMY), average year summary, full time series, hindcast and PXX (probability of exceedance) files.

The credibility of SolarAnywhere’s historical data is bolstered by extensive validation and the trust of numerous enterprise-class customers with 2,000+ monthly downloads. Access to SolarAnywhere historical data is available through a Typical Year, Typical Year+ or Sites license, and can be obtained on demand via our data website, API or SFTP. To access complete and current SolarAnywhere irradiance and weather data for select locations around the world at no cost, you can register for a Public license.

Explore the following information to delve deeper into the SolarAnywhere historical data model, model validation, data types and more.

Topics to Explore

How to Access Typical Year+ 1km Native Spatial Resolution Data

Watch this short video to learn about our Typical Year+ license for Typical Year and Average Year Summary data, enabling access to irradiance and weather data at the highest native spatial resolution available.