Solar Forecasting

High-quality solar forecast data is critical to optimizing solar power plant operation, dispatch & operational efficiency

Multiple solar energy stakeholders utilize solar energy forecasting solutions to predict variable PV generation

Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and fleet operators need accurate forecasts to support market trading decisions and enhance the operation and profitability of PV plants.

Grid operators and utilities rely on the ability predict PV production from utility-scale and behind-the-meter systems to maintain a reliable, balanced and economically efficient grid.

SolarAnywhere® Solar Data Services

Accurate Forecasting with High-Quality Solar Data

Key solar forecast service considerations for stakeholders that need to deliver accurate solar power production forecasts include:

Is the solar forecasting solution produced by an experienced staff of scientists, researchers and engineers with a deep bench of scientific expertise?

When researching a solar forecasting solution, be cognizant of the source and staff that generate the solar data. To ensure you have the very best solar forecast data, it is critical to partner with a company that offers solutions generated by experienced solar industry professionals leveraging the most accurate methodologies.

Is the underlying data trustworthy?

Solar forecasting solutions must leverage a reliable and proven solar dataset as the basis for delivering a quality forecast. The solar forecast must be built on a foundation of trusted, reliable and accurate solar data.

Proven Methodology & Accuracy
Is the solar forecasting solution built on a framework and methodology that is proven in a commercial environment?

A solar forecast solution should have a proven track record of delivering accurate solar forecasts to major solar industry companies.

Does the solution deliver a flexible level of forecasting to meet the need?

A solar forecast solution should offer a flexible product suite of variable time horizons, resolutions, model blending, satellite imagery and more.

Security & Reliability
Is the solar forecast dataset available 24/7 and hosted in a reliable and secure environment?

Solar forecasting solutions are by default time critical. Selecting a solar forecasting solution should include careful consideration of delivery system up-time and enterprise-grade security.