Looking for NREL Solar Prospector Data? We’ve got you covered!

NREL’s Solar Prospector tool – built with SolarAnywhere Version 2.2 (“v2.2”) data from Clean Power Research – is no longer available as of September 30, 2016. However, you can still get SolarAnywhere irradiance and weather data free of charge.

Go to the SolarAnywhere login page to request individual years or Typical GHI/DNI Year datasets. Optionally, you can access a Time-Series or National Access Typical Year license based on our most up-to-date version 3 (“v3”) model by contacting us.


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Solar Irradiance Insolation

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Reduce risk on your solar project with high-quality, location-specific, satellite-derived insolation measurements.

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solar irradiance insolation

Third-party owners

Depend on spatially accurate data to verify whether your installed systems are delivering on expectations.


solar irradiance insolation


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Software developers

Access SolarAnywhere Data and power simulations via the API.

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