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Data Resolution


10 km nominal – 0.1 x 0.1 deg. gridded tile Hourly data

SolarAnywhere Standard Resolution Data vs. Clear Sky Chart
SolarAnywhere Standard-resolution Tile


1 km nominal – 0.01 x 0.01 deg. gridded tile Hourly, half-hourly or 15-minute data

SolarAnywhere Enhanced-resolution vs. Clear Sky Chart
SolarAnywhere Enhanced-resolution Tiles


0.5 km nominal – 0.005 x 0.005 deg. gridded tile 5-minute data

SolarAnywhere High-resolution vs. Clear Sky Chart
SolarAnywhere High-resolution Tiles

Data Averaging Method for Standard and Enhanced-resolution Data

SolarAnywhere historical and real-time data is generated at the native temporal resolution of 30 minutes, corresponding to the frequency of global satellite image retrieval.

Standard, hourly resolution data is averaged from the 30-minute data using standard top-of-hour, end-of-period integration. Cloud cover at times when satellite images are collected are projected to top-of-hour, end-of-period using techniques to normalize irradiation against the time period. Hourly data will represent the normalized irradiation from the proceeding hour (e.g., 11:00 represents 10:00 to 11:00).

Enhanced, 15-minute resolution data is interpolated from the native 30-minute resolution data.

High-resolution Data

SolarAnywhere High-resolution data takes advantage of modern satellites, such as GOES, to generate 5-minute, 500 meter nominal native resolution on-demand. To learn more about SolarAnywhere High-resolution data, and True Dynamics™—a unique methodology for preparing satellite images for sub-hourly analysis—visit the Support Center.

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You can view Standard, Enhanced and High-resolution data at select cities across the globe by registering for a no-cost SolarAnywhere Public account.