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Account Management

SolarAnywhere® users can have one of two roles: standard users and license managers.

Standard users can download data and receive service notifications. License Managers have additional permissions, including:

  • User management – add, remove and promote users
  • License management – manage permissions and gain instant access to new services, which
    may be billable events

When you register for a SolarAnywhere Public license, you’ll automatically be designated the license manager for your account. You’ll then be able to purchase a paid license and add additional standard users to your account to ensure your colleagues have access to the data they need. License managers are also encouraged to remove users that no longer need access, which helps keep your data secure.

As a license manager, you are responsible for designating a new license manager for your SolarAnywhere account if you are changing roles within your company or leaving your company.

Contact support@solaranywhere.com if your company needs assistance in determining the license manager(s) of your account or designating a new license manager. Only authorized persons from your company should be License Managers.

Only current employees of your company are permitted to use your SolarAnywhere license. This ensures that your data—including data access, company usernames, download history and site names—are kept confidential. Giving a third-party access to your data is a violation of the SolarAnywhere license agreement. If you need to give a third-party access to your data, please contact support@solaranywhere.com.

Watch our License Manager video to learn more about adding, removing or promoting users on your SolarAnywhere account.