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Using SolarAnywhere Data in PV*SOL

SolarAnywhere Typical Year Unlimited and Enterprise customers can take advantage of our integration with Valentin Software’s PV*SOL engineering software by following these steps:

    1. Generate a SolarAnywhere API Key or request an API key from the license manager of your SolarAnywhere Account.
    2. In PV*SOL, select the globe icon in the Climate Data section of the System Type, Climate and Grid page to open MeteoSyn.
    3. From the Map or List tab, select Create climate data for new location.
    4. MeteoSyn Map in PV*SOL

    5.  Define your location, then select SolarAnywhere in the Data section and select OK.
    6. In the popup window, enter your SolarAnywhere API key, then select OK again to import SolarAnywhere TGY data.
    7. Enter API Key in PV*SOL

    8. Your imported data will now be available on the Map and List tabs.

    If you run into an error, contact us at support@solaranywhere.com.