SolarAnywhere for Utilities:
Grid Planning & Operations

Granular solar irradiance and PV production data are a critical component of load estimation

Satellite-based solar resource data supports more informed planning and operational decision-making

As PV penetration continues to increase, utilities are looking for more insight into this distributed generation to modernize operations and make more cost-effective planning decisions. Whether you’re developing long-term projections of load, or looking for an accurate prediction of tomorrow’s load, location-specific estimates of PV production are an important piece of the puzzle. Satellite-based datasets provide a more reliable and affordable alternative to production metering infrastructure without compromising accuracy.

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SolarAnywhere FleetView Distributed PV Generation Data

Utility Grid Planning and Operations

Grid planning and operations for utilities

With increasing adoption of behind-the-meter DERs, accurate estimation of gross load is more important than ever in making sound distribution system plans. Historical PV production profiles are an important component of gross load estimation, but common estimation methods often fail to capture the variability of the solar resource within a service territory.

Our solution

SolarAnywhere offers highly granular, historic estimates of the solar irradiance and weather parameters required for distributed PV production estimation. This dataset can also be combined with other solutions from Clean Power Research® to generate premise-level or aggregated PV production estimates.

Grid planning and operations for utilities

Distribution grid operators need accurate estimates of current and forecasted (up to a week ahead) gross load to meet grid safety and reliability requirements. The current hour to week ahead of distributed PV system production is necessary for painting a complete picture.

Our solution

SolarAnywhere offers accurate real-time and forecasted solar irradiance, weather and PV system data via an enterprise-class API. This scalable solution can be easily integrated into your DERMS or ADMS/VPP systems.

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Case Study

Exelon Companies Choose FleetView

FleetView calculates behind-the-meter PV generation to inform gross load calculations and distribution planning.

Three Exelon companies (Atlantic City Electric, Delmarva Power and Pepco), experienced accelerated growth of residential solar installations in their service territories. In order to provide safe and reliable service while supporting solar adoption, the company needed the ability to accurately and cost-effectively estimate customer gross load that is obscured by behind-the-meter PV systems

“FleetView provides us with accurate and site-specific solar production simulations of historical and real-time production for every PV system in our territory. This helps us unmask gross load, plan for the future and bolster continued reliability of the distribution system.”

Scott Placide
Manager (DER Engineering), Exelon