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About SolarAnywhere® Solar Data Services

Ground Tuning Studies

Combine your ground-based measurements with SolarAnywhere irradiance data to reduce the uncertainty of your solar resource assessments and increase project profitability. SolarAnywhere Ground Tuning Studies use an advanced site-adaptation methodology to tune long-term solar resource data to your ground-based measurements.


Leverage methodologies developed by Dr. Richard Perez specifically for solar resource assessment, and Clean Power Research solar resource experts.


Minimize resource risk and obtain the best terms for project financing with reports that are recognized by all major banks and independent engineers.


Take advantage of our efficient process to save time and money on your solar resource assessment workflow. Get a report for your project in 5 business days.*

* Timeline valid when taking advantage of Groundwork partnership. Rush delivery available—please ask.

Interested in learning more?

High-quality solar irradiance data can significantly reduce the uncertainty of site-adapted solar resource datasets. Watch the video to find out more or explore additional research in the resource center.

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What does a Tuning Study provide?

Each custom ground tuning study includes a bankable solar resource assessment report that details the solar resource and uncertainty for your project. The service includes solar data files that have been tuned to your ground measurements and that are compatible with all major PV simulation programs.

GroundWork Renewables Partnership

Clean Power Research partners with Groundwork Renewables to provide ground reference solar data for a complete solar resource assessment

GroundWork Renewables offers these core programs:

  • Rey Program for Solar Resource Assessment delivers the highest quality measurement data with the lowest field uncertainty
  • Rey MET System measures irradiance, soiling and albedo along with ancillary meteorological measurements
  • GroundWatch® includes program management, field visits, weekly onsite maintenance, data monitoring and data quality control
  • Ground Data Package includes quality controlled data files along with data qualitative availability tables that confirm the bankability of GroundWork datasets

Contact GroundWork Renewables to obtain the highest quality ground solar data.

SolarAnywhere® Custom Solutions

Our team has been laser focused on developing a better understanding of satellite-to-solar irradiance modeling since the release of the first version of the SUNY model in 2003. Needless to say, no one understands your SolarAnywhere data better than we do. Contact us today to see how we can help you get more out of your data. 

Areas of expertise include:

  • Solar resource assessment 
  • Solar forecasting and plant optimization to meet firm power requirements
  • Data integrations

Read more about what makes us solar data experts.


The difference between SolarAnywhere® and that of a professionally installed and calibrated MET station was calculated to be equal to or less than the measurement accuracy of the weather stations. Combine this accuracy with the increased reliability that SystemCheck offers, and you have an O&M solution that costs less and saves valuable personnel resources.

David B.
Executive V.P., BayWa r.e. Operation Services LLC

Consistency, accuracy and availability of data are critical factors for Invenergy Services. While met-station data can vary in quality, satellite-generated data from SolarAnywhere® gives us peace of mind. We know we can rely on SolarAnywhere’s accuracy and real-time accessibility to streamline our PV performance benchmarking processes and have confidence in the results.

Ben J.
Performance Analyst, Invenergy Services

SolarAnywhere® has a longstanding reputation as a premier provider of solar resource data, so we naturally gravitated toward them when looking for a solution. My priority was data accuracy and consistency of the data, and SolarAnywhere offered both the accuracy I needed and consistency needed across a wide geography.

Burton P.
Senior Product Manager, Zeitview

I’m proud of GivePower’s work creating access to sustainably created clean water. With SolarAnywhere®, we have the localized, accurate solar resource data we need to design, transport and build cost-effective Solar Water Farms in remote locations around the world. SolarAnywhere gives us peace of mind, and helps ensure our Solar Water Farms will be operable for years to come.

Theresa S.
Senior Engineering Manager, GivePower®

Because of the way SolarAnywhere® SystemCheck® real-time data is consistently derived across the entire U.S., the actionable intelligence built into our machine learning models carries a high degree of confidence—and that radically simplifies our development process and ability to deliver high value to the customer.

Jeff B.
V.P. of Engineering, Omnidian

SolarAnywhere® meteo data is bankable, user-friendly and able to scale with our business needs. SolarAnywhere solar resource information is widely trusted and forms a key part of our engineering process. Nexamp® has been very pleased with our partnership with Clean Power Research®.

Patrick C.
Vice President, Engineering, Nexamp

Since 2017, we’ve used SolarAnywhere® Data from Clean Power Research® to help develop our 5 GW portfolio. By leveraging the API, we’ve been able to develop internal site screening tools and automate many of our reporting and resource assessment processes.

Michael M.
Senior Director, Energy Assessment and Project Planning, National Grid Renewables

Lightsource BP has worked with Clean Power Research for several years and relies on SolarAnywhere® Data for project evaluations and to support financing activities. The Clean Power Research® team is very supportive in providing answers to data reliability, and in correlation efforts with site-measured data to further improve accuracy.

Armando S.
Director of Engineering, LightSource BP

Clean Power Research has been a trusted resource for solar irradiance datasets for numerous years. We’ve found SolarAnywhere® Data to be technically rigorous and provide deeply independent site irradiance assessments.

Michael G.
VP Conventional and Emerging Technologies , Leidos

We trust SolarAnywhere® Data because it’s a comprehensively validated satellite-based resource data set. With SolarAnywhere Data, we can prospect for new sites to our heart’s content. Additionally, we never spend time waiting for critical solar data because SolarAnywhere delivers data, on-demand, in under five minutes.

Andrew O.
CTO, Renewable Energy Systems
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