SolarAnywhere® FleetView

Improve utility planning and operational needs
About SolarAnywhere® Solar Data Services

Reliably integrate distributed and utility-scale solar intelligence into utility resource planning and operations

Go behind-the-meter and gain unprecedented insight into the impact of distributed PV on grid operations. Using PV system specifications and SolarAnywhere® Data, SolarAnywhere® FleetView® models and forecasts production of distributed PV fleets to cost-effectively support utility and ISO planning and load-balancing requirements.


Solar Resource Data for Project Development and Financing
Utility Planning
Understand how PV impacts your grid today and in the future

Model energy and variability of installed PV fleets to indicate the relative impact down to specific feeders.

Model expected PV growth scenarios to prepare for the electric grid of the future.

Solar Resource Data for Project Development and Financing
Utility Generation Forecasting
Reliably predict energy supply from utility-scale PV

Provide automated forecast feeds into your market trading desk for day-ahead scheduling or real-time markets.

Access the most accurate prediction methods commercially available.

Solar Resource Data for Project Development and Financing
Utility Load Forecast Inputs
Maintain load forecast accuracy under dynamically growing behind-the-meter PV

Automatically forecast your behind-the-meter PV fleet to add intelligence to your load forecast.

Accurately predict utility load even as distributed PV penetration grows with dynamic PV fleet capacity updates.

Solar Resource Data for Project Development and Financing
Utility Distribution Operations / Smart Grid
Move into the future of electric grid operation

More accurately apply solar capacity and variability prediction to commercial or residential PV with proprietary downscaling models.

Integrate PV forecasts into distributed energy and building load management software.

What makes FleetView different?

  • Access to trusted and vetted SolarAnywhere Data.
  • Simulate every PV system using a highly-accurate production model that can be applied to the entire balancing area, or to operation of a single smart meter.
  • Scale to the size of your solar fleet, from a single feeder to the entire balancing area.
  • Integrate data easily into your existing processes via the SolarAnywhere API or Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).
  • Link with PV system specifications stored in PowerClerk, or import specification information from other standardized files.
About SolarAnywhere® Solar Data Services

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