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Third-party Modeling Tools

SolarAnywhere® Data is compatible with a wide range of third-party PV modeling tools. SolarAnywhere users have the option of using one of our compatible file formats to import typical-year and time-series data into the software tools listed in the table below.

SolarAnywhere Data Import Options

Typical Year Unlimited and Enterprise customers can streamline workflows by taking advantage of API integrations with industry-leading PV simulation tools. These data integrations make it possible to get high-quality, typical-year solar resource data into your PV simulation program of your choice without needing to download and upload the files manually. The first 200 locations per year are no additional cost for Unlimited customers. For full details, visit the Purchase page.

How to Import SolarAnywhere Data

Instructions for importing SolarAnywhere Data into third-party modeling tools can be found in the following pages:

If you would like to make use of one of our API integrations, the first step is to create an API key. Instructions for API Key creation and management can be found here.

To import SolarAnywhere file downloads, reference the below table to learn which of our available file formats are compatible with each simulation tool:

Compatible SolarAnywhere File Formats