As the solar industry grows, trusted, accurate and proven solutions are needed to optimize solar project development and operation, reduce risk, and increase profitability

The SolarAnywhere® family of products supports solutions for solar resource assessments, performance monitoring and solar forecasting. Please visit one of these pages below to learn more.


Solar Resource Assessment
High-quality solar irradiance data is critical to solar resource assessment

Without accurate and proven solar irradiance data, solar resource assessments can pose significant risk to a solar project’s bankability and future financial performance.

Solar Asset Performance Monitoring & Assessment
To optimize O&M budgets, solar asset managers need to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Similarly, investors need scalable approaches to accurate solar asset monitoring to maximize return on investment.

Solar Forecasting
Forecasting reduces the uncertainty solar power has on traditional power system operations.

The accuracy of long-term solar resource forecasts, and the accuracy of variable short-term power generation by utilities, are now at the forefront of considerations by the commercial solar industry.

Up-to-date solar power information

Since 2017, we’ve used SolarAnywhere® data from Clean Power Research to help develop our 5 GW portfolio. By leveraging the API, we’ve been able to develop internal site screening tools and automate many of our reporting and resource assessment processes.

Michael M.
Senior Director, Energy Assessment and Project Planning, National Grid Renewables

Clean Power Research has been a trusted resource for solar irradiance datasets for numerous years. We’ve found SolarAnywhere® Data to be technically rigorous and provide deeply independent site irradiance assessments.

Michael G.
VP Convenentional and Emerging Technologies , Leidos

We trust SolarAnywhere® Data because it’s a comprehensively validated satellite-based resource data set. With SolarAnywhere® Data, we can prospect for new sites to our heart’s content. Additionally, we never spend time waiting for critical solar data because SolarAnywhere® delivers data, on-demand, in under 5 minutes.

Andrew O.
CTO, Renewable Energy Systems