SolarAnywhere® SystemCheck®

Integrated real-time, weather-adjusted PV production data

Comprehensive, on-demand data for distributed solar performance evaluation

SolarAnywhere SystemCheck independently estimates PV energy production of distributed PV systems in real time, giving owners and operators a critical tool for benchmarking system performance.

SystemCheck makes it possible to evaluate performance of individual PV systems or a fleet of systems to make better asset management and O&M decisions—all at a fraction of the cost of lost energy production, high operational risk or unnecessary truck rolls. Solar owners and operators can easily integrate SystemCheck’s API into existing software and tools to scale monitoring across the portfolio.

SolarAnywhere FleetView Distributed PV Generation Data
Increase portfolio profitability

Asset managers rely on SystemCheck to benchmark solar performance against original project financing expectations. SystemCheck puts project performance into context by providing accurate resource data to weather-normalize actual production.

SystemCheck also provides bankable resource data for tracking the performance ratio to ensure the project is meeting its performance guarantee.

Efficiently diagnose & manage system performance

With SystemCheck, O&M teams can scale monitoring processes by integrating expected power output measurements of individual systems and entire fleets—all at a lower cost and more accurately than using ground measurements.

Benchmarking with SystemCheck helps operators reduce solar project downtime and unnecessary truck rolls by helping to accurately identify and diagnose real-time PV system issues.


Industry Expertise
Industry-leading technology driven by an exclusive partnership with Dr. Richard Perez at SUNY-Albany.

Leverage the SolarAnywhere® API to build SolarAnywhere data services directly into your tools and applications.

Enterprise-level Reliability & Security

Ensure time-critical decisions are based on the most up-to-date information with our reliable service that offers up to 99.99% uptime.

SystemCheck Product Specifications

Use SystemCheck to evaluate performance of individual PV systems or a fleet of systems to make better asset management and O&M decisions.

  • Time Period
  • Access Point
  • Resolution
  •    Irradiance
  •    Weather
  •    Other
  • Power Modeling
  • Options
  • -45 days through current hour (nowcast)
  • Global
  • 1-hour, 30-minute, 15-minute

    1 km
  • GHI
    Clear sky irradiance
  • Temperature
    Wind speed
    Snow depth
    Relative humidity
  • Elevation
    Surface albedo
  • AC energy (kWh)
    AC power (kW)
    DC power (kW)
    Clear sky power (kW)
    Plane-of-array irradiance (POAI)
    Fixed tilt, single-axis trackers, backtracking
    Snow losses
    Bifacial PV
  • Get any data needed for your application through our seamless API. Options include longer lookbacks, historical data, and forecasts.

1 See SolarAnywhere Geographic Coverage Area for more details.

SolarAnywhere SystemCheck real-time data pricing is based primarily on PV system quantity. Additional time periods (historical or forecast) can also be included with the purchase. Contact us to learn more.

SolarAnywhere Customer Stories

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Invenergy Services
Invenergy Services
Invenergy Services

The difference between SolarAnywhere® and that of a professionally installed and calibrated MET station was calculated to be equal to or less than the measurement accuracy of the weather stations. Combine this accuracy with the increased reliability that SystemCheck offers, and you have an O&M solution that costs less and saves valuable personnel resources.

David B.
Executive V.P., BayWa r.e. Operation Services LLC

Consistency, accuracy and availability of data are critical factors for Invenergy Services. While met-station data can vary in quality, satellite-generated data from SolarAnywhere® gives us peace of mind. We know we can rely on SolarAnywhere’s accuracy and real-time accessibility to streamline our PV performance benchmarking processes and have confidence in the results.

Ben J.
Performance Analyst, Invenergy Services

Because of the way SolarAnywhere® SystemCheck® real-time data is consistently derived across the entire U.S., the actionable intelligence built into our machine learning models carries a high degree of confidence—and that radically simplifies our development process and ability to deliver high value to the customer.

Jeff B.
V.P. of Engineering, Omnidian
Up-to-date solar power information


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