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How to Access SolarAnywhere Forecast Data

SolarAnywhere® forecast data is currently offered through our Forecast licenses, and is accessible via the SolarAnywhere API or SFTP/email delivery.

Download PV Forecast Data Sample (CSV File)

Access via the SolarAnywhere API

SolarAnywhere forecast data may be requested via the Irradiance and Weather Requests API endpoint or the Solar Simulations API endpoint. While both endpoints allow for retrieval of forecasted weather and irradiance data, the solar simulations API endpoint supports forecasted energy modeling capabilities. The SolarAnywhere API works asynchronously, meaning you’ll submit a POST request, retrieve a unique ID associated with the POST request and use that ID at any time to retrieve the results. It’s important to note that a valid SolarAnywhere API key is required to access data via the API. For instructions on creating API keys, please visit the SolarAnywhere API page of our support center.

Irradiance and Weather Requests

Forecasted irradiance and weather datasets, such as irradiance, temperature, and wind, may be retrieved through the SolarAnywhere Irradiance and Weather Requests API. Detailed instructions on this data retrieval process are available within our API documentation, and demonstrated in the below instructional video:


Solar Simulations Requests

Forecasted simulated output fields such as power, energy and plane-of-array-irradiance may be accessed through the Solar Simulations API. To get started with SolarAnywhere energy modeling, please refer to our API documentation, which outlines three key steps required to complete data simulation:

  1. Energy Site Management: Create an energy site using your PV system specifications and obtain a unique EnergySiteID.
  2. Energy Site Simulation: Use the EnergySiteID to specify your desired output fields, resolution and forecast horizon. Send the request to simulate energy output and acquire a unique SimulationID.
  3. Simulation Results Retrieval: Use the SimulationID to access and retrieve the simulated data at any time.

For a detailed guide on available options and request types, please refer to our API documentation, which includes various sample requests for each simulation step. Additionally, our support center offers extensive information about SolarAnywhere energy modeling capabilities and methodology.

If you need assistance with setting up your forecast data simulation, please contact us at support@solaranywhere.com.

Access via SFTP or Email Delivery

If you are interested in receiving recurring hourly or daily forecast deliveries via SFTP and/or email, this service is offered and managed by the SolarAnywhere Team at Clean Power Research.

With this option, you will be asked to provide your site specifications, such as inverter and module details, array configuration, forecast horizon and resolution, and delivery options. Clean Power Research will use this information to model your PV site and generate simulated forecast data for a given period. Finally, recurring email and/or SFTP deliveries (hourly or daily) will be enabled based on your preferences. If you would like to receive these deliveries via API in addition to SFTP/email, you may use the unique EnergySiteID created by Clean Power Research to generate a simulated output. Note: see above for additional details on API access.

The complete list of available forecast data fields are below:

To learn more about our SolarAnywhere forecast services, including license types and specifications, please refer to the following pages within our website:

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  2. Purchase – Solar Energy Forecasting

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