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Precise, bankable solar irradiance data

Used by the world’s leading solar developers and independent engineering firms, SolarAnywhere is the most trusted and vetted solar resource dataset available.

  • Reduce risk in selecting project locations, and secure the best financing terms.
  • Model long-term energy production and financial performance with confidence.

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Use the API to build SolarAnywhere Data directly into your tools and applications.

Generated from the latest, most advanced satellite irradiance models available

Dr. Richard Perez partners exclusively with Clean Power Research to offer his latest models via SolarAnywhere.
SolarAnywhere Data utilizes a spatially-consistent methodology that is applied across all geographies, making SolarAnywhere Data ideal for site resource assessments.

Select the right product for your project

Typical GHI Year (TGY) – Ideal for obtaining an initial, high-level assessment of the solar resource availability at a particular location, and running energy simulations.

Sites – Full historical time-series data allow developers to get a deep look at inter-annual variability and perform in-depth resource assessment at a potential project site.

Tuning – Combining high-quality ground-measured data with SolarAnywhere Data allows for the most accurate solar resource assessment possible.

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Ground Tuning Studies

Combine your ground-based measurements with SolarAnywhere irradiance data to reduce the uncertainty of your solar resource assessments and increase project profitability.