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Average Year Summary Files

SolarAnywhere® average year summary files provide a quick summary into the solar resource and weather at your site. They can be downloaded with both SolarAnywhere Typical Year and Sites licenses. These files contain long term monthly sums or averages for each of the selected irradiance or weather data fields. The years included in calculating the long-term monthly sums/averages are dependent upon the geographic data region:

Select a tile location for downloadTo download average year summary files:

  1. Click “Edit Settings”
  2. Check the box next to “Avg. Year Summary” under “Typical year options”

    Include Average Year

    Figure 1. Selecting the Average Year Summary file option in the SolarAnywhere data website

Users can demo average year files with SolarAnywhere Public.

Average Year Albedo

The 12 monthly, long-term average-albedo values provided in the average-year summary file are useful in PV performance modeling. These values are calculated from the full available time series of SolarAnywhere albedo at each location, meaning they account for long-term snow conditions.

The long-term average monthly albedos can be input directly into the project settings of your PVsyst simulations.

Example average year summary file

Figure 2. Example average year summary file


Figure 3. PVsyst project settings

Figure 3. PVsyst project settings