Accessing SolarAnywhere Data

New Look, Same Great Data

As of July, 2017, access to SolarAnywhere irradiance and weather data has changed to improve how you manage your solar data in support of financing and performance benchmarking. We’ve added some new features, such as the ability to pinpoint project locations, edit data request settings (like desired solar model, data fields and file format), and download irradiance and weather data from a single screen. In addition, users accessing data free-of-charge with a Public license will now need to register for a SolarAnywhere account to access data.

How to Access SolarAnywhere Data

Watch this video to learn how to access SolarAnywhere data, or follow the instructions below.

To access data, go to and follow the instructions below.

  1. Select your tiles
    • Find a location by name, address or lat/long coordinates in decimal format (i.e. 35.45, -112.45), and if you’d like, customize the Site name by clicking the edit pencil.
    • Select either the Standard Resolution (10-km grid) or Enhanced Resolution (1-km grid) option.
    • Click Add tile to add the tile to your download list. You will see a list of the tile(s) you’ve selected on the bottom left of your screen. If you need to delete a tile from your selection, click the X to the right of the tile name.
  2. Request data
    • Click on Edit settings to select the data type, solar model, date range, datasets and delivery options for your data request. Click Confirm.
    • Once you’ve you made your settings selections, click Get data to submit your data request. You will be directed to a page where you can see the selected tile(s). If we’re unable to process your request, you’ll be notified at the top of the page in red text. To change your settings, click Edit, update your settings, then click Get Data to reconfirm your request.
    • Once you’re satisfied with your data request, click on the “I’m not a robot” captcha, wait for the green checkmark to appear, then click Confirm to request your data.

      Once your data request has been confirmed, you’ll be directed to the Files tab, where you can view recent data requests and download data (if the download data option was selected). You can always click on the Files tab to see recent data requests.

      For a full SolarAnywhere tutorial, click here.

What’s New with SolarAnywhere Licenses

If you have a paid SolarAnywhere license, you’ll use your existing login to access your account. Depending on your paid license access, you can request data for multiple tiles with a single request, and can select from a wide range of data types, date ranges, datasets and delivery options.

If you’re a public user of SolarAnywhere, you’ll now be required to register for an account and verify your email address before accessing data. Registration is free, and as a no-cost license user, you’ll now have the option to download data directly from the SolarAnywhere website rather than wait for an email. You’ll also have access to a list of recent downloads for quick reference.

No-cost public data users have limited access, which includes:

  • Hourly timeseries irradiance (GHI/DNI/DIF) data from 1998 -2014 based on SolarAnywhere v2.5 Standard 10-km Resolution.
  • Typical GHI/DNI Year (TGY, TDY) data based on 1998 – 2012 based on SolarAnywhere v2.3 Standard 10-km Resolution (NSRDB equivalent).
  • Limitations on the amount of data that can be returned in a single request.

No-cost license users have limited data access. If you need access to additional data, such as our latest SolarAnywhere v3.2 solar model, 1-km Enhanced Resolution data or multi-year downloads, please please contact us for information.

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