We’re always excited to hear about the projects our SolarAnywhere® clients are working on, but GivePower® is truly inspiring. GivePower® designs and installs life-changing Solar Water Farms that can produce up to 75,000 liters of safe water per day—for up to 20 years—with the help of SolarAnywhere Data.

Early on, GivePower found that publicly available weather data couldn’t meet their engineering needs. Energy production estimates using less accurate solar irradiance data sometimes resulted in solar-powered systems that were larger and more expensive than necessary. They needed highly accurate solar resource data to design their facilities to be as efficient as possible. They also needed it across multiple countries, such as Kenya, Columbia, Haiti and more, and remote regions where ground-based measurements were unavailable. GivePower reached out to Clean Power Research for its best-in-industry data and coverage no matter where in the world their next project was located.

Koppen Geiger Classifications and SolarAnywhere Sites

Today the GivePower engineering team uses SolarAnywhere to assess the viability of potential projects and adapt their high-production Solar Water Farms for specific locations. It enables them to reduce costs and support more sustainable projects, while ensuring they can produce enough clean water to serve their communities.

“I’m proud of GivePower’s work in water-scarce regions where we’re creating access to sustainably created clean water and empowering people to change their lives. With SolarAnywhere, we have the localized, accurate solar resource data we need to design, transport and build cost-effective Solar Water Farms in remote locations around the world. SolarAnywhere gives us peace of mind, and helps ensure our Solar Water Farms will be operable for years to come. ”

– Theresa Sweeney, Senior Engineering Manager at GivePower

Read the case study to learn more about this impactful organization and how they use SolarAnywhere data to optimize the design of their award-winning solar-powered desalination systems.

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