On-site meteorological stations and site-specific satellite data work together in this case study featuring Invenergy Services.

Invenergy Services is a clean energy asset O&M provider that has honed its offerings through 20 years of experience and a portfolio of more than 21 GW of clean energy capacity across 13 countries, including 2.3 GW of solar. A key element of their solar operations includes the use of both on-site met stations and satellite-based solar irradiance data from SolarAnywhere®.

While most Invenergy Services solar projects utilize ground measurements, their team found on-site equipment comes with certain risks. Slight data inaccuracies can occur between maintenance cycles and there’s a chance of data gaps should a piece of equipment malfunction. By incorporating real-time satellite data through SolarAnywhere® SystemCheck® into their analytics, they’ve been able to eliminate data gaps and inconsistencies and increase the effectiveness of their analytics processes.

Read the case study to learn more about Invenergy Services, and how it provides its customers with enhanced reporting accuracy and efficiency using SolarAnywhere.

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“Consistency, accuracy and availability of data are critical factors for Invenergy Services. While met-station data can vary in quality, SolarAnywhere’s satellite-generated data gives us peace of mind. We know we can rely on SolarAnywhere’s accuracy and real-time accessibility to streamline our PV performance benchmarking processes and have confidence in the results.”

– Ben Johansen, Performance Analyst at Invenergy