SolarAnywhere® SystemCheck®

Validate residential and commercial PV system performance with integrated real-time, weather-adjusted PV production data

Automatically model each individual system in your fleet to benchmark weather-adjusted data expectations against actual measured system production. Use hourly data to improve customer support and reduce O&M costs through more intelligent service calls and avoided truck rolls. Use monthly data to analyze performance at the fleet level to build investor confidence.

Use SystemCheck to meet a variety of fleet management needs

Every system in your fleet is modeled with

Module type and count

Inverter type and count



Shading data if available

Every hour SolarAnywhere generates


Wind Speed



Snow Depth


System Specifications


Solar Anywhere Data
Performance Analytics

We then simulate your expected system production based on the available weather

Expected Power Output
And then deliver your expected power in kW


Improve field services and customer support

Keep your field teams and customers informed by integrating hourly SystemCheck performance estimates and weather data into your customer-service website.


Reduce O&M costs

Diagnose system performance issues and reduce O&M costs by adding daily summaries of expected production estimates to your diagnostic software.


Build investor confidence

Validate energy projections and demonstrate how your fleet performed relative to the available irradiance with monthly summaries of expected system performance.

Can we prove it?

We can.

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