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Solar forecasting services for the diverse needs of the solar power industry and utilities

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Why choose SolarAnywhere® Forecast?

More than 150 customers trust SolarAnywhere for bankable solar resource data, operational monitoring and forecasting.

SolarAnywhere is the industry standard delivering more than 35,000 daily API calls, 2,000 monthly data downloads and operational forecasts for more than 10 GW of solar.

SolarAnywhere Forecast innovation
Industry-leading tech driven by an exclusive partnership with Dr. Richard Perez at SUNY-Albany.
SolarAnywhere Forecast accuracy
Suitable for both behind-the-meter fleets and utility-scale power plants with 1-hour down to 1-minute intervals.
SolarAnywhere Forecast scale
Today providing operational forecasts for 10+ GW of solar and growing!
SolarAnywhere Forecast security
Business solution with more than 99.9% uptime and flexible delivery options.

Take advantage of the most accurate solar forecast

Accurate forecasts support your market trading decisions and increase profits.

SolarAnywhere Forecast was top-ranked in an EPRI Study, displaying the highest levels of PV generation solar forecast accuracy as compared to datasets from 12 vendors included in the trial.

Seamlessly integrate SolarAnywhere Forecast with your processes

Flexible delivery options minimize the cost of integrating solar forecasts into your business processes. Choose from the SolarAnywhere API, Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or automated email delivery.

Ensure time-critical decisions are based on the most up-to-date information

Enterprise-level reliability and security reduce costly downtime and maintenance.

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