Clean Power Research is pleased to announce the launch of SolarAnywhere® version 3.5 (v3.5), which incorporates high-resolution aerosol and albedo data and enables more accurate irradiance modeling, including bifacial project modeling.

SolarAnywhere v3.5 includes the following new features and service upgrades:

  • New time-series modeling demonstrating the impact of wildfire smoke and other aerosol events
  • Improved accuracy for locations with persistent snow cover
  • More accurate direct and diffuse irradiance data that improve the accuracy of PV simulations
  • Incorporation of calendar year 2020 data into typical year datasets
  • New albedo data that support bifacial project modeling

Get the most out of SolarAnywhere® v3.5 albedo data. Current customers should sign in to the SolarAnywhere data site and review the new average year summary option. This option calculates long-term monthly averages of albedo (a 12×1) that can be used in PVSyst and other modeling programs. v3.5 leverages the latest research to create the albedo dataset; however, we suggest users review the documentation of the methods and known limitations of remote-sensed albedo data.

SolarAnywhere v3.5 is available to all users on commercial licenses at no additional cost. To learn more about SolarAnywhere v3.5, please visit the links below:

SolarAnywhere v3.5, and the updates to the irradiance model, were made in partnership with the atmospheric sciences research team at SUNY Albany, led by solar modeling pioneer Dr. Richard Perez. SolarAnywhere v3.5 builds on the same core technologies that have made SolarAnywhere the most trusted source for bankable solar resource data.