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With the most extensive validation in the industry, SolarAnywhere irradiance data is shown to be accurate within +/-4.5% on an annual basis with 95% confidence.

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Access the latest information on SolarAnywhere datasets, methodologies and validation.

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Access our entire library of peer-reviewed research that focuses on validation of PV simulation modeling, advancement of satellite-to-solar irradiance techniques, solar forecasting and high-speed cloud correlation.


Built on Richard Perez’s Models

Only SolarAnywhere® offers the latest and most accurate satellite-to-solar irradiance models developed by Dr. Richard Perez, senior research associate in the Atmosphereic Sciences Research Center at the University at Albany, State University of New York. Dr. Perez is a published leader in the fields of solar radiation, solar energy applications and daylighting.

Powered by Clean Power Research®

SolarAnywhere is built and maintained by Clean Power Research, a software company that is helping to power the energy transformation. Clean Power Research was founded in 1997 when founder, Dr. Thomas Hoff set out to answer the question, “what is the value of solar for me?”

Since then, Clean Power Research has become a leader in research, consulting and software for the solar and electric utility industries, with a software portfolio that also includes PowerBill® and PowerClerk®.

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