As renewables in Europe and South America continue to surge—with Europe generating more electricity from renewables than from fossil fuels for the first time in 2020—the ability to efficiently scale management of solar assets is critical. Whether ensuring long-term profitability or economical operation and maintenance of PV assets, the ability to accurately benchmark system performance is key.

Today, SolarAnywhere® real-time solar data is used to evaluate performance of individual or fleets of PV systems for hundreds of thousands of PV systems across North America. Plant owners and operators use SolarAnywhere to put recent production into context. By looking at metrics such as a performance index that adjust for recent weather, operators can more quickly identify equipment and maintenance issues and reduce unnecessary O&M expenditure—all at a fraction of the cost of using ground data.

The benefits of real-time solar data are now available to owners and operators of PV systems in Europe and South America. With resolutions up to 1×1 km and 15 minutes, and geographic consistency that does not require ongoing, regional calibration or maintenance, SolarAnywhere offers asset owners and operators a reliable, cost-effective benchmarking solution.

Asset managers can ensure a project is meeting its performance guarantees by accessing bankable and complete time-series data for individual locations via SolarAnywhere Sites. Owners of distributed fleets can scale their O&M activities by integrating SolarAnywhere® SystemCheck® into their existing solar asset management platforms using the SolarAnywhere API.

SystemCheck Product Specifications

  • Access
  • Access Point
  • Resolution
  • Data Fields
  • Options
  • Real-time weather data and PV power simulations with 1-month lookback
  • API
  • Standard, Enhanced or High
  • PV Power, PV Energy
    Plane of Array Irradiance
    Wind speed
    Relative Humidity
    Clear Sky Irradiance
    Snow Depth
    Surface Albedo
    Particulate Matter
    Average Snow Losses
    Average Soiling Losses
  • Get any data needed for your application through our seamless API. Options include longer lookbacks, historical data, and forecasts.
Watch our 30-minute webinar to learn more about developing better, more informed O&M strategies using performance benchmark data. Or contact us to learn how SolarAnywhere real-time solar data can boost the efficiency of your O&M and help ensure the long-term profitability of your PV assets.