SolarAnywhere®, the industry’s leading solar data and intelligence service, now covers Africa and West Asia. With solar resource data available from 1999 through present and forecast, SolarAnywhere customers can access the accurate, consistent data they need for bankable solar resource assessment and efficient solar asset management. SolarAnywhere is now available on-demand for North and South America, Europe, Africa and West Asia, with full global coverage planned for this year.

The Africa and West Asia update leverages SolarAnywhere’s trusted satellite models and globally consistent methodology, and is backed up by a refresh of the most extensive validation in the industry.

“SolarAnywhere data services are thoroughly validated for new regions before releasing them to ensure our customers get the most accurate, bankable data available,” said Skip Dise, V.P. of Product Management at Clean Power Research. “Customers place a lot of trust in our solar data, and we have designed a rigorous testing process unmatched in the industry that ensures this trust is well earned.”

Current SolarAnywhere Typical Year Unlimited licensees have immediate access to Africa and West Asia data at no additional cost. SolarAnywhere Data services support all aspects of solar project siting, financing, engineering and operations:

  • Typical Year (Typical GHI Year or TGY): Long-term average solar weather files in 10 km, 1 hour resolution, ideal for prospecting through project engineering.
  • Sites: Comprehensive time-series data from 1999 to present in 1 km, 15-minute resolution supporting PV project financing and operations.

Both Typical Year and Sites data are available on demand for any number of users at your company, and may be purchased 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the SolarAnywhere online payment service. Owners of solar projects in Africa and West Asia also have access to SolarAnywhere Forecast services and SystemCheck® real-time, weather-adjusted PV production data to support efficient asset management.