In the SunCast podcast “The Value of Data on Solar Project Finance,” I joined Nico Johnson, the podcast host, Heidi Larson from ICF, and Hoa Shen from kWh Analytics in a discussion about the past, present and future of solar project financing. The conversation focused on the gap between expected and real-life performance of solar generation plants, and the impact to the long-term credibility of this asset class.

As highlighted in the 2021 Solar Risk Assessment report, asset valuation and performance is highly linked to model and data-input quality. By listening to this podcast, developers, independent engineers and financiers will gain insights into the models and inputs that are key to understanding long-term PV project risk, including:

  • The importance of understanding the inputs and assumptions that go into P50 and P90 calculations.
  • What bankability means for PV projects and why it matters.
  • How the solar industry continues to improve PV performance models and data to reduce barriers to accessing capital investment and achieving deployment at scale.

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