The latest kWh Analytics “Solar Risk Assessment” report provides solar investors with the latest insights on the evolution of solar photovoltaic (PV) generation risk—and the importance of allowing data-based insights to inform the deployment of capital. This report includes articles from industry experts in solar production risk including Clean Power Research, kWh Analytics, Wood Mackenzie, RadianGen and more.

Our contribution to the report is the article: “U.S. regional irradiance down 5 to 7% from average: Why real-time data is so important for understanding project value” (see page 7). Accurate solar PV performance forecasts on a project can make the difference between millions in losses—or profitable net cash flow.

While forecasts are created with long-term solar resource data, asset managers need real-time irradiance data to benchmark actual plant power output. This need was elevated in 2018 and 2019, as many regions in North America experienced especially low solar resource, leading to lower project revenue.

Access the Solar Risk Assessment report to learn about the advantages of using real-time in reference to long-term averages that have verified accuracy and spatial consistency.