From satellite image to irradiance data

How SolarAnywhere® Data is Generated

SolarAnywhere irradiance data is generated from geostationary satellite images. The images are processed using the most up-to-date methods developed by Dr. Richard Perez at the University of Albany (SUNY). For more detail, explore how the data is sourced and processed.

Data Access without Compromise

SolarAnywhere is the only datasource that offers the unique combination of:
  • The best accuracy of any satellite technology – Backed by customers and the most extensive validation in the industry.
  • Spatially consistent satellite modeling – Highest accuracy without regional ground ‘tuning.’ You can be confident our uncertainty numbers are true—no matter your project location.
  • A seamless platform – Data access bridges historical and forecast time horizons, time-series and typical year files, irradiance and weather data.
  • Power simulations based on industry-leading data – Advanced PV simulation using SolarAnywhere data provides intelligence for real-time performance validation, and integration of distributed and utility-scale solar PV into customer applications.

Continuous Investment and Improvement

Clean Power Research continues to advance the science of satellite-to-solar irradiance methods, while also supporting established model versions that have been applied to prior projects.