Solar Developers and Independent Engineers

Assess solar resources with confidence using SolarAnywhere® Data, the industry’s most trusted irradiance data.

Project Development and Financing

Reduce risk in selecting project locations.

Model long-term energy production and financial performance with the highest quality, location-specific irradiance measurements.

Secure the best financing terms by using the most widely trusted data.


Monitor the performance of your PV assets to ensure expected output and identify problems.

Forecast your PV power output with precision.

Third-party Owners

Monitor performance of distributed residential and commercial solar fleets with high accuracy and granularity using SolarAnywhere® SystemCheck®.

Individually model one or hundreds-of-thousands of systems in your fleet, and measure performance against near real-time, weather-normalized expectations.

Build investor confidence with knowledge of underlying weather impacts on performance.

Reduce O&M costs by using data signatures to diagnose system performance problems.

Empower service technicians and customer support with system-specific weather conditions and expected power output impacts.


Join leading utilities using SolarAnywhere® FleetView® to integrate higher levels of grid-connected solar.

Improve PV generation and utility load forecasting with the industry’s most trusted solar data.

Inform and validate grid infrastructure planning and expansion decisions.

Plug-in real-time and forecast data to smart grid management software tools for more intelligent operation.

Software Developers

Access solar irradiance, related weather data and power simulations to build innovative applications using the SolarAnywhere® API.

Integrate SolarAnywhere Data and power simulations easily into your software platforms via a REST API.

Scale SolarAnywhere to meet your needs – from one to hundreds of thousands of simulations.